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It's almost the end of 2018!

If you are like me, its the end of November and you're thinking "where has the time gone". I also found myself thinking "I haven't really accomplished that much this year", but I took a moment to really reflect on how much I had done. I may not be where I want to be, BUT I am on my way there!

1. Signed with Daniel Hoff Agency commercially (one of the best in the WORLD)!

2. Booked a Body Double job on General Hospital.

3. Worked with my friend Justin Nelson on his project "Under the Bed" as the lead.

4. Cast in a University of Southern California Masters Thesis project called "Teddy Mate" as the lead character.

5. Produced and starred in a film that screened at the Lady Filmmakers Festival.

6. Shot for a Crypt TV web series (the name is under wraps at the moment).

7. Made significant breakthroughs in my acting with my classes as Playhouse West.

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