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Finding My Voice

For many creatives the beginning of 2020 was an opportunity for change, growth, and A LOT of self reflection. For me, I saw this as an opportunity to take classes I never had the time to take while living and working in Los Angeles. Being introduced to voice and movement work by Crystal Robbins, a Master Teacher of the Lessac work and professor at Santa Monica Community College, changed not only my approach to acting, but made me realize I wanted to learn even more.

Over the summer in 2022, I found myself surrounded by some amazing teachers and students when I attended the Lessac Summer Intensive with the hopes of becoming a Certified Practitioner. I walked away with a certification and the desire to teach. Since returning from the summer intensive I have coached actors in their plays, hosted preparation sessions for an actors showcase, and started working with corporate clients. Currently, I am at the beginning of my journey for the teacher training in Lessac Voice and Movement, and look forward to growing even more as a student and a teacher.

Group Dance

The Body and Voice

Lessac is a holistic approach to voice and movement. It looks at when we functioned at our most optimal time in our life, our childhood, and invites us to explore those same things as adults. We can never truly go back to how we were as children, but so much can be gained by looking at the world, ourselves, and our voice with a childlike curiosity.


My goal in working with anyone is that they begin to trust themselves. I desire to create a collaborative environment that we can learn from each other, make discoveries, and find new ways of connection.

With learning to trust yourself, your body, you voice, the teacher within will take hold and guide you.

Eyes Closed
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